Welcome to the Old Herod Chapter, NSDAR

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Dorothy Walton, for whom the Dorothy Walton Chapter, NSDAR, was named, was married to George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Her fortitude displayed during the long struggle for independence made her a true heroine of the cause of freedom.

Stone Castle Chapter was named for "Stone Castle," the home of Nathaniel Green, built at the earliest settlement in Warwick, Rhode Island. General Greene was a Rhode Island legislator and as a general greatly aided the South during the Revolution. He was second in command to General George Washington. The State of Georgia gave him a plantation home near Savannah as reward for his services.

Dorothy Walton and Stone Castle Chapters merged and the new chapter was confirmed by the National Executive Board on April 16, 1983. They chose "Old Herod" to be their Chapter name in honor of a Creek Indian Chief who was a staunch friend of the the whites and, according to local tradition, joined forces with Andrew Jackson at Herod Town in 1818. Together they went to Florida and quelled the Seminoles. Eight miles south of Dawson there is a settlement called Herod. On November 20, 1913, to commemorate the heroism of Old Herod and his Indians, Dorothy Walton Chapter, NSDAR, placed a boulder of marble on the site of Herod Town.